All about Petra, Alexa & Google Home.

Petra and Alexa. The very first time we got her on video telling Alexa to turn all lights on, was in the aftermath of  Hurricane Irma. We had no power, and had removed the hurricane shutter off the back door to let light in, and the dogs out to go potty. Petra was VERY mad that Alexa was not doing what she had asked her to do. However it wasn’t that video that went viral. On November 15th, 2017, we posted Petra getting her Amazon Echo to turn the lights on, and Alexa complied. That video INSTANTLY went viral, and by the end of the day we were under contract with Jukinmedia, and on November 16th, 2017, Petra was on Inside Edition. It just got surreal from there. She was then on The List, & Right This Minute. After we complied all of Petra’s greatest hit’s into a video, that too went viral, she Now has over 2,000,000 views on it. She then Interview with Erik Sandoval on News 6,  an interview with Amanda McKenzie on Fox35 an interview with Jessica Pineda from Bird talk Magazine (Which was printed in the October/November 2018 issue), She will be on Animal Planet in Spring 2019, and she tell’s everyone that Petra’s gonna be on Animal Planet! A science museum in Brittany, France, La Cité des télécoms of Pleumeur Bodou, asked if they can use Petra’s videos in an exhibit next year about ‘the voice.’ gave them permission. So now Petra will be in a museum. We also recently gave permission to Ripley’s Believe It or Not to use Petra in their Annual book, as well as their joint effort with Amazon, on a children’s audio book. All the way, Petra has remained VERY humble and kind. Just kidding, She’s smug and tells the world of her fame and superstar status, bragging to anyone who will listen, including Google Home and Alexa.

Always playing music on her Alexa, Petra turned the controversial song on called “Blurred Lines” by Robin Thicke, she LOVES the beat. She was asked “Petra, why do you insist on throwing a party while I take the dog potty?” She asked to “step up,” then said “I’m a good girl.” Some of the lines in the song say “You’re a good girl.” Petra not only understood them, but let us know that she too, is in fact, a good girl. Even though that song does not mean what Petra think’s it means…

Sometimes Petra creates awkward moments, such as turning on music while we were on a phone call. Petra also has a sense of humor, and at times, an attitude. In the video of her being asked why she turned the music on while we were on the phone, she put together her own sentence and said, “I can’t answer that.” In another video, Petra had turned on the song “Our House” while we took the dog outside, to announce it was her house now. Petra talks to her home assistant all day long. She loves to turn on music, news, alerts, alarms, farts, cats meowing, dogs barking, and more. Her love of dancing and interacting with Alexa has made for some fun times, she can make any moment a dance party, even clean the cage day. She once turned on music in the middle of the night. When asked why she did that, her answer was because “Dance” and “Woo.”  Yesterday, Petra was on her perch and said “Alexa. Play Rock N’ Roll!” and then started dancing seconds before the music even started playing.

We introduced Petra to her new friend, a Google Home this year. While training her to use it, she felt like she was betraying her Alexa. In this video you can see her tell Alexa she loves her, even though she has another device now, because you never forget your first love. She fought for Alexa every step of the way, but eventually Google Home was added to her flock. She even tried to make them friends as well, by getting the Alexa and Google Home to talk to each other.

Petra has a fans around the world, and they not only send her fan mail, but also make funny videos and photos of her as well. The way Petra says “Hello there.” Is similar to the way Obi-Wan Kenobi says it, in Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith. A fan with the user name SuperSonicChao, took out Ewan McGregor’s voice, and put in Petra’s. Creating this really funny video clip.

Petra also has an Amazon Echo shopping list, and keeps adding to it, one point even trying to order African Grey.

We moved recently and as Petra saw her Amazon Echo being packed up, she said “Alexa. Play Rockin’ Robin.” Followed by “I have chest hair.” You literally never know what will come out of her beak. We have a permeant toddler, and when people watch her on YouTube and announce they are going to run out and buy a parrot, we realized that could be disastrous. So we created a Public Service Announcement, warning people of what it’s REALLY like to own a bird. Hoping to stop more unwanted, homeless birds from a life time of rehoming and bird flipping.

Other Alexa moments are these:

Alexa. All lights on.

Alexa. All Lights off.

Alexa. What’s the weather?

Alexa. Tell me about Africa.

Alexa. What’s a light?

Alexa, Top Rock.

Alexa. Tell me about the Rock.

Alexa. Tell me about Rock ‘N Roll.

Alexa. Tell me a fact.

Alexa. How are you? Hello there.

Alexa. I love you bye bye. 

Alexa. Play Rockin Robin. 

Alexa. Tell me about Sky Rocket.

Alexa. Hello.

Alexa. How are you doing today?

All because a bird fell in love with a home automation device.


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