Petra, Oscar & Jack Jack have moved, going through a disaster area.

Petra, Oscar & Jack Jack have traded hurricane weather, for blizzard/tornado weather. Not much difference, with warning of bad weather, Wal-Mart & Grocery stores will be out of everything accept Clam Chowder.  (During Hurricane Irma, when we went to the store they were out of everything accept a few cans of clam chowder. Apparently people wanted to survive, but not if it involved eating clams.)

All packed up, Florida said good bye with a beautiful sunset. Jack Jack was smiling, meanwhile Petra the African Grey, and Rose Breasted cockatoo are hard to read. Petra talked the entire way off and on.

We left Orlando and headed north, not thinking about Hurricane Michael having just gone through the pan handle of Florida the week prior. We had opted for the quickest way the GPS said to go. Having gotten a late start in the day, we started to look for a hotel once we past Tallahassee. Every hotel we stopped at was booked solid. In the parking lot were linemen trucks, FEMA cars, loggers, and the displaced.

Hotel’s were booked and full of workers
The hotel’s were booked with workers helping with Hurricane Michael

Upon reaching Dothan, Alabama, we spotted a sign that can only be described as WTF.


The sign above the road alerted us that the highway up ahead was closed. The GPS rounded us somewhere north, and into towns that were devastated. No power, houses destroyed, and trees all over the road. Some trees had been hastily cut, and barely shoved off of the road, leaves scraping the SUV as we drove past. After hours of this we needed to use the bathroom and stretch our legs. We couldn’t even find an open gas station. Roofs were ripped off, and the awning’s above the gas pumps were all twisted and tossed around. No matter how badly I needed to pee, I was not going to brave the mosquitos and alligators in the woods. The last thing I needed to take out of Florida, was a gator bite scar, or malaria just because I couldn’t wait.


We quit driving up to hotels and began calling them in advance to see if there were any vacancies. No such luck. It was 3:30 am before we finally found a hotel. It was somewhere in the middle of Alabama… the hotel was questionable. It looked as if we should have been charged by the hour, but we paid for the full night.  This hotel was the first time our zoo had been in a hotel. 

We made sure to check on the birds often and take the dog potty. The further north we got, the bigger the deer got, and the colder it got.


The rest of the trip was pretty uneventful. We found that La Quinta Inns and Suites are pet friendly, which worked out very well for us. Petra and Oscar seemed to really like those. 

Once we arrived at our destination, Petra needed her internet to get her Alexa and Google Home up and working. The Google Fiber tech LOVED Petra, he was honored to be in her presence, and even talked to dispatch about her. She told him “I want a peanut. Petra’s a SUPERSTAR! Like and subscribe.” He gave her a treat. LOL44575378_1329018310573283_8651518783732580352_o


We have a new P.O. Box for her now. Petra Grey P.O. Box 28762 Kansas City, Mo 64118 Petra Parent Approved toy List:

2 thoughts on “Petra, Oscar & Jack Jack have moved, going through a disaster area.

  1. Oh I’m so happy to see a post up from you guys! Feel as though it’s been ages. Kept making the dang mistake of confusing Petra with Einstein! Kept ask how ‘Oscar’ was ~ only to be told ‘all us greys look alike…” 😂😂😂

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