Petra yells “Alexa! Play Rockin Robin!”

Petra knows that this is Oscar’s (Our Rose Breasted Cockatoo) favorite song. It’s the first time we’ve been able to get her on video asking Alexa to play it. She starts out in her food bowl, bottom left of the video. Then moves out of the food bowl, telling herself  “Step up. Good Girl Petra!” As she climbs onto her perch. She finishes up dancing on her swing, then picking at her butt lol.

This is a typical day with the Petra. All day. Every day. 🙂 Camera on a tripod in front of cage.

Here is what Petra says (More or less) in the video:

Alexa. Play rock in robin. (Do you want to hear some light rock?) … (Then we just went ahead and hit play for her) Come here step up good girl Petra. Lights. water peanut woo! (Music plays. Petra looses her mind 0:17 lol) Dance Oscar Rockin Rockin Dance dance dance dance Woo! (Oscar yells) Lights. Petra! woo! Ruff. Jack Jack Hush. Tweet. woop. tweets. Okay woop! dance dance dance dance woo! dance oscar dance put your pretties up put pretties up! Good girl petra. come here. Dance Oscar. Rockin Robin. AHHHH! Tweet. Beep. Whatcha doin. beep 2:07 Step up good girl petra. ???? Good girl Petra. Step up. Good girl. Dance Dance Dance woo! Dance. Beep. Rockin Rocking. (Sings)


Alexa! Play Rockin Robin!

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