How to prepare for a hurricane when you have birds. Stay safe everyone!

Here is Petra’s video on how we recommend to prepare for a hurricane when you have birds. Stay safe everyone!

If you evacuate, each bird should have it’s own travel cage. Especially if the birds you’re trying to get in the same cage don’t normally cohab, you may be setting yourselves up for disaster. They can hurt each other, and they can hurt themselves. They’ll be traveling and confused, birds can also sense if you are stressed. These things can all cause plucking.

Video of Petra MAD  that Alexa wouldn’t turn the lights on for her, after power loss last year, with Hurricane Irma. We had taken down the hurricane shutters at the back door so they could have sun light. That wasn’t good enough for the Petra. She wanted “All lights on” lol

We want to let everyone in the path of hurricane Florence know they are in our thoughts and prayers. We use to live on the coast of Florida (we now live inland) and have survived both Hurricane’s Matthew and Irma. With both of those hurricanes, there was flooding, wind damage, Empty grocery stores, no gas, and we lost power for a few days.

If you are staying put. We recommend turning your ac as low as it goes. Freeze yourselves out, because if you loose power, you’ll still stay cool for a day or so. Get food you’ll actually eat with out power. Friends of ours loaded up on stuff that once they lost power, they realized they didn’t have actual meals. Junk food and cold soup aren’t that tasty lol. Get sandwich materials for PBJ or things that won’t go bad. An ice chest for milk for cereal etc. Put ice packs or frozen water bottles in your freezer around your food. DO NOT OPEN THE FRIDGE OR FREEZER DOOR. I promise your food is still in there lol. No reason to check on it.


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