After a phone call from England, we found out Petra will be on Animal Planet! She’ll be filmed in September!

Our African Grey, Petra, is very famous for talking with her Alexa & Google Home. She has caught the attention of Animal Planet. We got a phone call from a very nice lady in England, and they are arranging to come film her in September!

The show is called WAG, and there will be 40 episodes, with about 200 stories. Petra will be featured on the talking bird segment. Can’t wait to see that! We will all be watching re runs of Petra for 20 years lol.

This will not be Petra’s first time on TV. Her first viral video was November 15th, 2017, she was then on Inside Edition, The List, & Right this minute. Her most recent viral video back on May 9th, 2018, got her in person interviews with Erik Sandoval on News 6, and Amanda McKenzie on Fox35.

Video of Petra being told about Animal Planet today. She works for peanuts.

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