Our Dog got fan mail. Petra “Oh Oh dropped it” with her peanut

Checked Petra’s P.O. Box today. We got a gift from a fan, but this time it was our dog Jack Jack who got a toy! When asked what she had to say about that, she replied with “I want a peanut.” She then accidentally dropped it, and said “OhOh dropped it!” Petra’s vocabulary, and use of the English language in context never ceases to amaze us. We also got Petra a shiny heart that says “Alexa” on it, but while eating her peanut, she didn’t care.

Video of Petra seeing the fan mail Jack Jack got

We found a heart that says “Alexa” for Petra. Since she loves to talk to her Amazon Echo, we had to pick it up.


Jack Jack is the 3rd generation of Jack Russell Terrier’s we’ve owned. His Grandma Dottie, and his mom Rocket, as well as 2 aunts Cede and Harley, & sister LaLa, have all loved and played with Orka toys. They last for a long time, our dogs don’t chew them into pieces, and they are perfect for playing fetch.IMG_7567

This particular ball type we like for playing fetch because it fits in their mouth perfectly. Not only that, but it’s light and easily caught out of the air.

It all started with Dottie, our first Jack Russell Terrier. She started out with a larger Orka ball, but it was to big for games of fetch. Me and my beloved

That’s when we found the smaller Orka ball. It was an instant hit. Dottie took that thing everywhere, snuggled for naps, held it for mani-pedi’s, posed with it for holiday photos, took it to the vet for comfort. She also discovered that it also floats for a game in the swimming pool.




When Dottie passed away, she was even laid to rest with one, and made mention of it in her Pet memorial we had printed in the local paper. (Yes, we are “those people” lol)

Dottie obituary

When Dottie had her first litter of puppies, we kept Cede (Pronounced Sadie, short for Mercedes) Then we had 2 dogs to join in on the Orka fun.




Years later Dottie had her second litter of puppies. We had Rocket make a trip back to our house, as she changed homes. Out of Rocket we got back 2 puppies, LaLa & Jack Jack.






So as you can see, we’ve had a long history with Orka, and that’s why we are VERY happy that Jack Jack has another ball. 🙂



Jack Jack LOVES his new toy! Thank you anonymous!


If you wish to send fan mail, here is a Petra Parent approved list of toys & supplies.

Her address is
P.O. Box 1860, Apopka Fl 32704



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