Petra Parrot Party! Today she is 4! Also… the Google home did something odd.

Today Petra turned 4 years old! She was hatched June 14, 2014. We finished hand feeding her, and had her ever since. Petra has brought great joy to our lives, and Oscar, our Rose Breasted cockatoo. Though Oscar doesn’t get as much camera time as Petra, he does get just as much out of cage time as Petra.

Petra starts out her video, by turning the lights off. “Alexa. All lights off.”  Apparently this parrot parties in the dark.

Petra said, “Okay Google. Hello” The Google Home responded with “Hi, what can I do for you?” Petra made the iPhone recording button beep and said “Good Girl.” Not entirely certain what Google picked up on, but then Google said “10…9…8…7…6…5…4…3…2…1…” Followed by party horn sounds. Need to look in to what happened…

We’d like to thank Celeste for the bag of peanuts and the spoon chain toy. She will absolutely love the peanuts, and the chain toy is so much fun for her. She was mesmerized by the ‘shiny’ and the clang.

Berna De Los Santos, we’d like to thank you for the block toy for her to work on coordination. As well as the color coordination training toy with separation slots for the coins! The post office sent the bag stapled shut, with a sticker slapped on it that said it had shown up opened. Unfortunately, a small bag of rubber bands that hold it together didn’t all make it back in. Not to worry, it’s all put together now. 🙂 Not gonna lie, there were a few tears involved.. LOL. She loves them! It will help with color identification training too!


Here is her party!

4 thoughts on “Petra Parrot Party! Today she is 4! Also… the Google home did something odd.

  1. Happy Hatch day Petra!!
    You are an absolute joy with your too cute pictures. I really like your new toys and it’s really great to see you partying and having fun.
    Looks like you’ve had an awesome happy hatch day . Superstar 🤩 ⭐️⭐️⭐️💫💫 My birthday is in June too 😀
    You are very welcome for the peanuts and your toy. I hope you like it and enjoy playing with it ❤️😃 I really hope you start eating more pistachioooos.
    Have fun partying in the dark with Alexa. DJ Petra is in the house 🎧🎤 “Her house “
    Lots of love to you Petra 😍


    1. Thank you so much! She had fun, I think lol. Happy birthday to you too! June is great! Put a pistachiooo in her bowl and caught her eating it. She froze when she saw me looking at her. She then dropped it while looking at me and slowly put her foot down, as if nothing had happened lol


      1. LOL!! She does like them but doesn’t want her peanuts taken away. She is extremely intelligent!! I would have loved to have seen what you described. Especially the foot going down slowly after the pistachiooodrop 😂


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