Petra finally says Pistachio! Asks Alexa “What’s They.” Get’s an English lesson, she then wants a peanut.

Petra asked “Alexa? What’s they?” to which her device says, “They is the 3rd person, plural personal, pronoun in modern English.”

I have been working on training her, and Petra learns the best with animation and praise. So I give her lots of positive feedback.

Petra then says “PistachioooO!” To which she get’s more praise, then I offered her a pistachio, but she didn’t seem to want one, but she did say “Well, I’ll take a peanut” and “Want a Peanut?” and a “Gimme Scratch scratch?”

“What’s a dog say?” Petra asked. I responded with her expected answer of “Woof woof.”

I use animation technique of being silly and saying things with voice inflection, offering her a nut again. I finally get her to take the nut, she drops it and says “uh oh, dropped it!” followed by “Pistachioooo.” I repeat it with enthusiasm and offer her another nut, but she’s not having it.

“Gimme scratch…” then she says with certainty “Okay, I want a peanut.”

She was done and wanted her treat, the one she is use too.

If you read the previous BLird (Bird Blog) you know that we are trying to get Petra to eat other nuts as treats. Her favorite thing in the world is a peanut, but we have been told that they can carry a mold, which can kill her. We buy her fresh from the grocery store, human grade, no salt, raw, in the shell peanuts. Then freeze them for at least 3 days to kill any weevil eggs, and thaw the package when she needs them.


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