Color identification training, turns into ringtoss…

Petra is very vocal, but we are not going to focus on skills other than the English language. Color identification is one of them. It will take some time, as we don’t make Petra do something if she doesn’t want to, but we are hopeful she will have an understanding of color. If she can identify what color she picks up, that will let us know just how smart she is.

We already did the mirror test to prove she is “self aware.” If a small child, or animal see’s themselves in the mirror, and understands that it’s their reflection, they are “self aware”. So we put Petra on her stand in front of a mirror, after telling the new bird “Hello” and making moves. She said, “Just Petra.” Petra wanted a peanut. She dismounted the perch and went in search of a treat. So we’d say she’s self aware lol.


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