The deadly peanut & the projectile pistachio.



We have been warned about peanuts being deadly to parrots. Our bird groomer, Megan, told us one of her clients, another African Grey, is currently not doing well. He is on breathing treatments for a deadly illness cause by Aspergillosis. The mold can be found on peanuts. The breathing treatments have to be given to that parrot in a tub, closed off and created a small area for what is basically a nebulizer. There is no cure, you can only manage the symptoms.

We buy our peanuts from the grocery store. Human grade. Raw. Unsalted. In the shell. The peanuts are then frozen, thawed when needed, and stored in a container. How ever we want to try and give her options to the peanut. Introducing… the Pistachio!

Petra started out interested, but gets increasingly annoyed and asks for a peanut. She says “Uh Oh Dropped it” at one point, being cute when she dropped part of a pistachio. At the end of the video, Petra is fed up with the pistachio, and throws them when handed the nuts. So we shall continue the new part of her treat menu, and hope for the best.



4 thoughts on “The deadly peanut & the projectile pistachio.

  1. But Petra LOVES peanuts!!!!!!!! My aunt has had parrots for 25+ years and has never had a problem…she buys them from the store also….

    Matthew Carl Paramedic Medic 94 Pike Co, MS



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