To Peanut or not to peanut. Also, the groomer showed up.

Yesterday Oscar got his underbite trimmed back, and they got groomed. Petra wasn’t to sure what to think of Miss. Megan the mobil bird groomer, but she was okay by the end. We have been told by numerous fans and now miss Megan to switch Petra from Peanuts to something else. Megan suggested pistachios.

What so you guys think? We get peanuts fresh raw peanuts in the shell for human consumption at the grocery store, and freeze them until needed. Freezing process kills the weevil eggs, if there are any. Then they are thawed out and used. However, there is no conclusive evidence that process will keep her from getting Aspergillosis. Which is a mold found in peanut shells, that can kill parrots. Miss Megan knows an African Grey that is currently very sick from Aspergillosis right now. It’s an ugly thing that is horrible for the bird, and there is no cure we are told. Do you think Petra can learn to say pistachio? Or will our process we’ve used for all 4 years of her life be okay?

Megan from Five Feathers Services did an amazing job. If you are in the Orlando area and need mobil grooming services, we highly recommend her.

Mobil Groomer Megan

3 thoughts on “To Peanut or not to peanut. Also, the groomer showed up.

  1. Petra is quite capable of (eventually) saying the word pistachio (IMHO). Giving up her requests for peanuts🥜, however, may be more difficult.

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