Is this A Blog? or a Blird?

This is Petra’s first Blog post. Since she’s a bird… wouldn’t this be a Blird, instead of a Blog? Petra is a very famous African Grey, that loves her Amazon Echo and her Google Home. She can give commands to both devices and loves to interact with them. With the addition of our HUE bulbs, the lights are never on long… or off long… or on… or off…

With out Petra, we would not know that the Alexa could fart. Nor would we know that Google Home could call Walmart. What would we do with out her?

Petra’s most recent viral video

Petra on Inside Edition

Petra’s interview on CBS

Petra’s interview on FOX

Petra on The List

Petra on Right This Minute

Thanks for joining me!

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


10 thoughts on “Is this A Blog? or a Blird?

  1. How about a bloggy blirb? Whatever the title, this is sure to become a fun site! Thank you, dear Petra❣️ Remember: it’s *your house*🤣‼️


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